Culture and Tradition
Culture and Tradition

Every Monday morning, stroll through the market and discover all the regional specialities, such as reblochon, dry cured hams, saucissons, mountain honey...
Every Monday evening enjoy a drink offered by the tourist office in the village square.
The folk group Lou Socali
The brass ensemble from the music school
The Museum - The Maison du Ski
The Church Sainte Foy, and it's traditional bell tower
The six chapels in each hamlet surrounding the village
The cinema, open in winter and summer
The historical village tours
Visit a farm to discover how reblochon is made
A ride in a horse and trap
The traditional celebrations : les Pestacles du Père Noël is 10 years old this year
Mardi gras, Savoyard Evenings, Fete du Reblochon ...